Gitmo (finally) being prepped to receive new prisoners!

For nearly three years, there have been reports and rumors of millions of dollars being spent at Guantanamo Bay Naval Station (aka "Gitmo") to receive new U.S. prisoners -- tried in military courts under the UCMJ.

During that time, the current Detention Area (at lower right [east], above) has been under regular "OHI" (OverHead Imagery) surveilllance. Despite debunked false propaganda, the last visible Detention Area change was in 2011 -- when an exercise yard was added.

But, recently, surveillance has detected construction activity at the far left [west] end of the military property --just northwest of the currently-active airfield.

  1. "Before": Until late 2018, the area northwest of the airfield was used as housing and recreation space for resident and transient aircrews.

  2. In early 2019, new "Dirt Work" (Site Preparation) activity was detected in the area.

  3. By late 2019, 144 -- 20' X 36' concrete floor pads (tewelve clusters of twelve pads each) had been built.

  4. Google recently released 2020 overflight data that shows roads and perimeter fencing well underway.

Now, the new detention area looks like this:

The site appears to be laid out to accommodate several hundred more such structures.

BUT -- One 20' X 36' slab floor will support a tent or pre-fab structure that can accommodate two prisoners luxuriously or four prisoners in jail-sized quarters.

That means the 144 slabs already poured can accommodate 288 or 576 prisoners readily.


That's enough traitors to begin to put a good dent in the Deep State!